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2010 Competitors

Clare Apps (Great Britain)

Making her formal marathon debut having completed three half-marathons to date. Clare has been running long distances in training, however, including up to 34 mile runs. She is also no stranger to Antarctica as 2010 will be her second season working on the Continent with ANI logistics company. Since graduating 18 months ago, Clare has been working and travelling abroad and has now set foot on all 7 continents. On her return from Antarctica, the 24-year-old from Darlington plans on pursuing a career in the Fire Service.

Tommy Yen-Po Chen (Taiwan)

Winner of marathons in Japan and Canada and third place finisher in the 600km Polar Challenge race in 2008. More recenty, 23-year-old 'Tommy' finished fourth in the 2009 Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race and third in the 2010 North Pole Marathon. He highlights environmental causes through his participation in adventure races and has a 2:25 marathon PB.

Krishna Prasad Chigurupati (India)

Completing at least a half marathon on each of the seven continents in 2010. Krishna, along with his wife Uma, has run the Los Angeles, Safaricom, Australian Outback, Gobi, Marathon de Buenos Aires and Maratona Do Porto marathon events within 8 months in 2010. Krishna will join the Seven Continents Marathon Club shortly. He is founder and Managing Director of Granules India Ltd, a pharmaceutical company in India that sells products to over 55 countries globally.

Uma Devi Chigurupati (India)

Completing at least a half marathon on each of the seven continents in 2010. Uma, along with her husband Krishna, has run the Los Angeles, Safaricom, Australian Outback, Gobi, Marathon de Buenos Aires and Maratona Do Porto marathon events within 8 months in 2010. Uma will join the Seven Continents Marathon Club shortly. She is Managing Director of KRSMA wineries and vineyards and is actively involved in organising a run in Hyderabad, India, in which 20,000 people take part each year. Aside form running, her hobby is Ikebana (japanese flower arrangement).

Clayton Conservani (Brazil)

Finished five half-marathons and two marathons to date. Clayton also climbs mountains and has summitting Mt Ilimani, Bolivia and McKinley, Alaska as well as attempting Everest (7,700m on North Face) and conducting a winter climb on Mt Aconcágua. He works for Globo TV (Brazil) which is also making a documentary on the race.

Marc de Keyser (Belgium)

A marathoner and Antarctic enthusiast who works as a weather forecaster at Union Glacier for the 'summer' seasons from November - January. Following on his success in winning the 2007 Antarctic Ice Marathon, Marc won the 2008 Antarctic 100k. He ran his first marathon in 1993, the Marathon of the Golden Spurs, in native Belgium. He has since run more than 50 others. Marc has also spent two summer seasons in Rothera, the Research Base of the Britsh Antarctic Survey on the Antarctic Peninsula. He finished second in the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Henri Alain d'Andria (France)

A former winner of the Antarctic Ice Marathon who has run numerous marathons and ultramarathons around the world, including on all seven continents and at the North Pole. Included in Alain's marathon CV are New York, London, Rotterdam, Hamilton, Peking, Stockholm, Chicago, Monaco, Maranello Ferrari, La Rochelle, Buenos Aires, Toulouse, Greenland and his native Marseille. He completed the Badwater Ultramarathon in 2007 and 2008 and also ran the Two Oceans ultra in South Africa in 2010.

Cathrine Due (Denmark)

Winner of the 2008 North Pole Marathon. Cathrine has run 8 marathons and is now taking up the challenge of running both the marathon and 100k, discovering that "the unknown" works wonders for her motivation when training. She is an Engineer by profession but left her job as Senior Project Manager in a Medical Device company to take "time out" for herself and her family. The 43-year-old is a mother of four children. In addition to looking forward to Antarctic adventure, Cathrine is also looking forward to no cooking or laundry for two whole weeks.

Bernardo Fonseca (Brazil)

A 33-year old Sports Marketing Manager with 18 years experience of triathlons and adventure racing. Bernardo completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon in 2007 but is concentrating on the 100k in 2010. His long training runs and multi-disciplinary practice of marathons, Ironman triathlons, biking, climbing, paddling, surfing and skating will stand him in good stead.

Paul Grealish (Ireland)

Polar running specialist who never runs marathons outside of polar circles. After completing the North Pole Marathon in 2004, Paul spent six years preparing for the Antarctic Ice Marathon. He could win the damn thing! A keen snooker player, Paul was recently only one shot off a maximum 147 break: He missed the first red.

Cole Greene (Ireland)

Completed 32 marathons in various countries and one ultramarathon of 50k in Galway, Ireland. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be Cole's 5th marathon in 2010 and he is using the race as an opportunity to raise funds for Cancer Care West in Ireland. Cole has a special interest in collecting historic and vintage automobiles and is always on the lookout.

Glenn Grossman (USA)

Competed in about 50 marathons and 90 triathlons to date. In October, Glenn also trekked for over 16 days to base camp at Mt. Everest. He is running the Antarctic Ice Marathon in memory of his son who passed away 2 years ago but shared Glenn's dream of racing on the Antarctic. People interested in the charitable aspect can go to Facebook and search “Gregg’s gift”.

Michael Heyl (USA)

Running his seventh marathon, one on each continent. Mike's other marathons were the Marine Corps. Marathon, USA; Paris Marathon, France; Great Wall, China; Gold Coast Marathon, Australia; The Big Five Marathon, South Africa; and Maraton de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mike is an attorney in Washington, DC. He and his wife, Andrea, live in Kensington, MD. They have three children; Alexandra, Michael and Christopher.

Steve Hibbs (USA)

Rhoda Jones (USA) 

A trained physician from Lousiania who has completed 16 marathons in 15 different US states. Included among Rhoda's marathons were the Montana Marathon, Grandma´s Marathon, Nappa Valley Marathon, Detroit Marathon and the Couer D´lene Marathon. Despite some injuries and a busy work schedule, she continues to find time for one of her greatest passions: running. Rhoda is very much looking forward to the challenge of the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Rene Kaerskov (Denmark)

Running his 8th marathon and 5th continent and hoping to join the Seven Continents Marathon Club in 2011. Rene has previously parachuted over the North Pole and done some mountain climbing, e.g. Kilimanjaro, Shasta and Whitney. He uses marathons as fundraising events for the World Wildlife Foundation and to create awareness on climate change.

Brett Karlson (South Africa)

Finished two Comrades Marathons (90km) and 3 Two Oceans Marathons (56km) as well as approximately 20 marathons. Brett’s last marathon was the New York Marathon in 2004 and he has been mostly mountain biking since. He lives on the coast in a sub-tropical town. As a result, he has been hoping to make up for a lack of acclimatisation to cold by running on the beach to simulate soft conditions underfoot. Apart from running and mountain-biking, he enjoys hiking and camping, and in his spare time he is an Ophthalmologist.

Travis Kiefer (USA)

A rising senior at Stanford University and a newcomer to endurance running. Travis started training for his first marathon in March of this year and has since completed six marathons on six continents and is looking forward to running his seventh one in Antarctica. He embarked on this adventure in order to raise awareness and support for the social enterprise he operates - Gumball Capital.

Kenneth Krys (Canada)

Experienced ultramarathon runner who is running the Antarctic 100km. Ken became interested in running again about 3 years ago after a hiatus of approx 10 years. His first marathon was in San Diego and he has since gone from strength to strength running various marathons and ultras including the NY City Marathon, Jamaica Marathon Philadelphia Marathon, Cross Timbers 50 miler (Texas), Running with the Devil 50 miler (Mohave Desert), Comrades (South Africa) and Off the Beaten Track 50 km (Cayman) among others. The highlight of Ken’s running career has been the Marathon des Sables, a 151 mile trek over 6 days in the Sahara which he completed in 2009. Ken will be running the Antarctic 100km for a charity called Facing Africa, a non-profit organisation that is concerned with the prevention and treatment of the horrific children's disease Noma. Further information and sponsorship details can be found here: Ken is 47 years of age, originally from Canada but now residing in the Caribbean and working as a forensic accountant.

Joseph Lim (USA)

Completed nine marathons on three continents to date. Joseph, 28, was born in Manila and now lives in New York City. From gorilla trekking in the Congo to completing an ironman triathlon in New Zealand, he enjoys adventure and travel. He is also a fan of tennis and soccer. Joey thanks his family, friends, front runners new york running club and NYC chapter of Team in Training for helping him enjoy life.

Gavin Melgaard (Australia)

A keen outdoor enthusiast who enjoys various activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, adventure racing, canyoning and hiking. Gavin has already completed three Antarctic Ice Marathons in 2006, 2007 and 2009. He has travelled to over sixty-five countries, visiting each continent several times. He works at Union Glacier for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions from November through January.

Tristan Miller (Australia)

Running an amazing 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 52 different countries in 2010. It's best to check out for the details of Tristan's incredible global odyssey and to donate to his worthy causes.

Scott James Mulligan (Great Britain)

Commenced running only 15 months ago after hearing about the existence of the Antarctc Ice Marathon. Scott wanted to complete a marathon for some time and searched for a run that could encompass exciting adventure travel. He stumbled across the Ice Marathon, started saving, booked into the race, and began running! He has taken part in a few local UK events since registering, namely the Bath Half Marathon, The Tough Guy Race, The Cheltenham Circular (off road marathon), and The 85 Mile Ridgeway Challenge.

Arnold Oliphant (USA)

A scientist who specializes in genetics who has been studying the biochemistry of running as a hobby. Four years ago, Arnold (51) was 40 lbs overweight and was a severely affected Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer. After changing his eating and exercise habits he now only rarely has a swollen joint, has enjoyed the significant health benefits of running marathons, and is looking forward to many more. He says he will chasing his daughter Sarah for most of the Antarctic Ice Marathon but hopes she will run with him for a few miles at the beginning. Arnold will join the Seven Continents Marathon Club and North Pole Marathon Grand Slam Club after finishing the race.

Sarah Oliphant (USA)

Completed marathons on six of the seven continents so far as well as the North Pole Marathon. Sarah will become a member of the Seven Continents Marathon Club and Marathon Grand Slam Club after completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon. At 15-years-old, she will be the world's youngest person to do so. She enjoys singing and playing the piano and will be running the Ice Marathon with her father.

Jon O'Shea (Great Britain)

Running this race to complete the Marathon Grand Slam in aid of the Meningitis Research Foundation, having suffered from the disease as a child. Jon started running 5 years ago, and initially decided to run the London Marathon only but it snowballed from there. He has now run 10 Marathons in all and is not planning to stop anytime soon.

Nolan Peterson (USA)

A pilot for U.S. Special Operations based out of Hurlburt Field, FL, USA. Nolan was deployed to Iraq in support of Special Operations missions for the three months prior to the race and almost all of his training has taken place in the extreme heat around Baghdad. The 28-year-old is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq and has over 250 hours of combat time. He is running the Antarctic Ice Marathon to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides scholarships to the children of fallen special operations soldiers. Nolan was also a competitive swimmer and rower, and is now involved in triathlons. He has been on treks in six of the seven continents and after completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon he plans on continuing with his goal of running a marathon on all seven of the continents.

Frank Rohde (Germany)

Completed five marathons around Lake Tahoe, California and is an avid skier, snowboarder, and mountain-biker. With the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Frank is raising $26,200 to build a library for elementary school children in Qinqana, Dutywa in South Africa (see Frank, 37 and a German native, runs the software company Nomis Solutions in San Francisco.

Namgya Sherpa (Nepal)

Namgya, from the Mechi Region in Nepal, is an accomplished mountaineer who has summited Mount Everest no less than ten times. He is currently a field guide for ANI and services clients climbing Mount Vincent in Antarctica.

Andrei Rosu (Romania)

Running the Antarctic Ice Marathon as part of his attempt to become a Grand Slam member by running a marathon on 7 continents and at the North Pole. Having completed the North Pole Marathon, Australian Outback Marathon, Istanbul Eurasia Marathon and Pacific Gold Coast Marathon, Andrei's next events (after the Ice Marathon) will be the Sahara Marathon, Everest Marathon and Alaska Mayor’s Marathon. Andrei also likes hiking and plans to climb the highest summits on each continent. His reasons for running the Antarctic Ice Marathon are multi-fold: to raise money for 3 foundations; to reach the Antarctic continent; to become the first Romanian to finish the event; to increase his chances of becoming a Grand Slam Club member; to promote a healthy lifestyle in Romania; to convince more Romanians to attend such competitions in future; to meet nice people; and to have another bedtime story for his son and nephews. He is a 34-year-old project manager working for UniCredit Leasing Corporation.

Vlado Staresinic (Croatia)

A 62-year-old forestry engineer who has been running marathons for 44 years. Vlado has run many hundreds of races from 800 m to 61 km. Included among them are 30 marathons including Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Florence, Rome, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, New York, Luxor, Bejing, Sydney and Chicago. By participating in the Antartic Ice Marathon, he will meet the conditions for membership of the Seven Continents Marathon Club. Vlado comes from Karlovac, Croatia.

Greg Swan (Australia)

Completing his 12th marathon or ultramarathon this year, including on all seven continents. Greg has run the Comrades, Phuket, Inca Trail, Athens, Las Vegas and several more in native Australia. Next year, he is looking to run more 100k+ runs and multi-stage events and also the North Pole Marathon within the next 2 years.

Irenesuz Szpot (Poland)

A mountaineer who is climbing the 7 summits but who also has a passion for marathon running. Irenesuz has run 30 marathons including New York, Boston, Austin, Victoria Falls, London, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, Athens, Monaco, Edinburgh and Poznan Marathon (10 times). His personal best is 2:57:25 in Berlin 2007. Of the 7 Summits, he has climbed Kilimanjaro 2006, Aconcagua and Elbrus 2008, McKinley 2009 and Carstensz Pyramid 2010. Irenesuz will also climb Vinson Massif in Antarctica the week before the marathon. Earlier this year, he completed the Zambezi Man 2010 in Africa (50km rafting, 104km bike) and has previous finished the Killiman Challenge (climbing Kilimanjaro, biking 246km and running the Kilimanjaro Marathon). Irenesuz has also completed Ironman UK 70.3 in 2007.

Stephan Thodesen (Norway)

Started running marathons to prove to himself he could achieve something he did not feel particularly good at. Stephan only ran his first marathon in Rio de Janeiro in July and has since run the Oslo and Chicago marathons. Helly Hansen is supplying him with equipment to help ensure he finishes the Antarctic Ice Marathon and his goal of completing the seven continents within a year.

Gary van Vuuren (Zimbabwe)

Completed 99 marathons to date with the Antarctic Ice Marathon being number 100. Gary started running marathons in 1990, beginning in Durban, South Africa. He has completed ten Comrades ultramarathons (Durban to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa - 93km) and included among his 99 marathons are Hawaii, Phuket, Sydney, Mumbai, Everest, Millennium (on 01/01/2000 in New Zealand), Madagascar, Mauritius, Jamaica and Reykjavik. The Ice Marathon will be his 100th, 7th continent and LAST marathon!

Brent Weigner (USA)

Completed over 180 marathons and ultramarathons around the world, including multiple races in the Arctic and Antarctic. He won gold medals at the 2003, 2005, and 2010 United States National Snowshoe Championships and once completed ultramarathons on all 7 continents in the shortest period of time, 267 days. Brent has run marathons on all the continents a record five times. He has served as a race consultant to many of the world's top adventure travel companies and has been race director for the Wyoming Marathon races for the past 33 years. A former geography teacher and cross-country coach at McCormick Junior High School in Cheyenne, Brent served as race director on location for the 2007 Antarctic Ice Marathon races and completed the marathon race. He will be running the 100km this time.

John Welk (USA)

A Chicago resident who is running his sixth marathon. John’s prior races include Philadelphia, Big Sur, Whidbey Island, National Marathon in Washington, D.C., and Stockholm. Having completed the 2009 Stockholm marathon in 83-degree temperatures, John is aiming to complete two marathons in weather conditions 100-degrees apart. He works in an insights and strategy role for Sara Lee, a leading global food company. In conjunction with his run, John is also raising money for Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit organization working to end childhood hunger in the United States. See this website to donate:

Frederic Zimer (France)

A 53 year-old CEO who once told his employees that running a marathon was nothing but a matter of strength of mind. So for Frederic's 50th birthday they registered him for the Paris marathon despite it being 20 years since Frederic had done any sport. He lost twenty kilos in twenty weeks during his training for the event. He then decided to run fifty half-marathons in fifty months in fifty different countries, and a marathon on each continent. To date, he has run thirty half-marathons and Ice Marathon will be his sixth marathon before completing his challenge in Sydney, in September of 2011.