Antarctic Ice Marathon











2009 Competitors

Terry Denham (Great Britain)

Completed five marathons on different continents, including the London and New York Marathons, the Lewa Downs Marathon, run inside a game reserve in Kenya, the Everest Challenge Marathon and now the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Terry has also completed Tough Guy and the Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race, and, inspired by Ranulph Fiennes' autobigraphy, hopes to run a marathon on every continent.

Richard Donovan (Ireland)

The race director and organiser of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Richard is an international ultramarathon runner and ran seven marathons on seven continents in 5 days 10 hours 8 minutes earlier in 2009. He finished first in the Antarctic 100k for the third time in December 2009.

Mark Fell (Great Britain)

Veteran of several marathon and ultramarathon races, including the Marathon des Sables, the Davos Alpine Marathon (both the 42km marathon and 78km ultra), as well as the Zermatt Alpine Marathon. Thirty-five-year-old Mark also completed the Nice Ironman Triathlon in 2007. He finished second in the 2009 Antarctic 100k.

Sharyn Fitzgerald (Australia)

Completed five marathons, twelve half-marathons and five 32km runs across King Island, a little island in Bass Strait off mainland Australia. In addition, Sharyn finished the Swedish Women’s Classic, which includes a 30km cross-country ski race. The medical research scientist's other adventure activities have included climbing Kota Kinabalu (4100m, Borneo), walking the 180km Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, skydiving, and long distance cycling. She has ridden Melbourne’s 210km ‘Around the Bay in Day’ bike ride four times to date. In a double act for 2009, Sharyn ran both the Antarctic Ice marathon, finishing second woman, and the Alice Springs Marathon in the Red Desert heart of Australia. The Alice2Antarctica campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds for cardiovascular disease research in Indigenous Australians. See for further details.

Jacques Fox (Luxembourg)

An extreme athlete who has won a silver medal at the World Deca Triathlon in Hawaii in 2004, cycled across America in the RAAM race (4,860km in 6 days 22 hours 58 mins), and finished several marathons and ultramarathons such as the North Pole Marathon, Marathon des Sables in Morocco and the Diagonal des Fouts at la Réunion. Jacques has successfully completed an amazing 76 Ironman Triathlon distances and his Deca Triathlon medal-winning performance involved swimming 38km, cycling 1800km and running 422km. As a cyclist, he has several randonnée in Europe under his belt: 600km in Switzerland, 1200km in France and Paris Brest Paris. Jacques is also a very accomplished mountaineer. He finished fourth in the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon and joined the Seven Continents Marathon Club and North Pole Marathon Grand Slam Club by doing so.

Dennis Gonzalez (USA)

Finished nine marathons and numerous half-marathons within the USA prior to Antarctica, including the Boston Marathon (twice). Dennis, a physician from San Diego, California, has run the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon as an Elvis impersonator and still managed to run 3:25. He like to travel and hike and is looking forward to taking part in various other international marathons.

Peter Jensen (Denmark)

Completed eight marathons on seven different continents to date, including New York, Buenos Aires, Knysna Forest (South Africa), Berlin, Copenhagen, Auckland and Beijing. The Antarctic Ice Marathon completed a series of seven marathons on seven continents for Peter, who also has aspirations to climb the seven summits. The 39-year-old, who works in the investment management indusry for Nordea (the Nordic region's largest bank), has also finished several of Europe's major hikes, such as 100 km Dodentocht and 200km Vierdaagse.

Marc de Keyser (Belgium)

A marathoner and Antarctic enthusiast who works as a weather forecaster at Patriot Hills for the 'summer' seasons from November - January. Following on his success in winning the 2007 Antarctic Ice Marathon, Marc won the 2008 Antarctic 100k. He ran his first marathon in 1993, the Marathon of the Golden Spurs, in native Belgium. He has since run more than 50 others. Marc has also spent two summer seasons in Rothera, the Research Base of the Britsh Antarctic Survey on the Antarctic Peninsula. He finished second in the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Helmut Linzbichler (Austria)

A top mountaineer and ski instructor who has run hundreds of marathons and ultramarathons. Helmut has run across the United States from one coast to the other (3,100 miles in 64 days), completed every major 100-mile race in the USA, scaled the world's highest peaks, including Everest, and completed a 1300 mile double-crossing of the Austrian Alps from East to West and back (solo in 40 days along the two major mountain trails). The veteran athlete's sporting achievements are phenomenal and he climbed Vinson Massif, Antarctica's highest peak, prior to the Antarctic Ice Marathon to become the oldest person to scale the seven summits.

Tony Lombardo (USA)

Finished many marathons in the USA over the past 10 years, including multiple Boston Marathons. A CPA/Businessman form Daytona Beach, Florida, Tony is married with two children and five grandchildren (aged 4-15 years). 

Gregory McCarthy (USA)

Completed fourteen marathons on seven continents and joined the Seven Continents Marathon Club by finishing the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon. Gregory, the former deputy mayor of Washington DC for seven years, has completed the Berlin, Edinburgh, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and Capetown (35 mile Two Oceans) marathons. In his native USA, he has run the Baltimore, Richmond, and Boston marathons as well as four in Washington - the Marine Corps Marathon, the DC Marathon, and the National Marathon (twice). Outside of running, Gregory has dual passions for policitcs and baseball. He is vice president of the Washington Nationals Baseball Club.

Gavin Melgaard (Australia)

A keen outdoor enthusiast who enjoys various activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, adventure racing, canyoning and hiking. In addition to the 2009 Antartcic Ice Marathon, Gavin also completed the 2007 and 2006 races. He has travelled to over sixty-five countries, visiting each continent several times. He works at Patriot Hills for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions from November through January.

Mark Parnell (Great Britain)

Completed several half-marathons in his 20s, with a PB of 1.23, but waited until 2007 to complete first full marathon in Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. A partner in a private equity firm, Mark's 50th birthday present was an entry to the 5th Antarctic Ice Marathon, where he finished third. He aimed to raise a five-figure sum for five good causes, including support for children of Pangboche village in Nepal. See

Anders Pettersson (Brazil)

Team captain of the Brazilian Cross Country ski team in the last three World Championships and in the last Winter Olympics. Anders has also completed nine 26.2-mile marathons (including the 2009 North Pole Marathon), two half-ironmans, several Olympic distance triathlons and one 100K. He is a Swedish citizen and lived in Stockholm for 10 years before his current residency in São Paulo, Brazil. Anders is the owner of a consulting entity that specialises in company recovery and corporate governance. He is 44 years old and competed with his daughter Stefanie at the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Stefanie Pettersson (Brazil)

The youngest ever person to complete the North Pole Marathon at 16 years of age (April 2009) and the first South American woman to do so. Stefanie also completed the Niagara Falls Marathon prior to finishing the Antarctic Ice Marathon. She attends the Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Laroverket boarding school close to Stockholm. She likes team sports such as volleyball, basketball and tennis and raised funds for the Cantinho Mei Mei orphanage in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil via her participation in the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Jaroslaw Rajtar (Poland)

Completed seven marathons on seven different continents in 2009. Jaroslaw, a former international handball payer, joined the Seven Continents Marathon Club by completing the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon. In 2008, he also ran through the Salt Mines of Wieliczka, 285 metres underground, and was part of a Guiness World Record setting relay team for the event.

Manuel Sessink (Netherlands)

Successfully made his marathon debut at the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon! Manuel started running in 2004 to begin a healthier lifestyle. He has since run three half-marathons, two in Houston and one in Perth, and also completed the Berlin 25km last May. However, the Antarctic Ice Marathon was his first full marathon.

Michael Smith (Australia)

Completed numerous marathon and ultra length races, including the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and various marathons in native Australia. Mike has also hiked extensively in Africa, Australia, South America and Europe. The 35-year-old set out to run the 100km race and successfully completed a standard marathon distance.

Richelle Turner (Australia)

Female winner of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Richelle has run the Canberra, New York, Great Wall of China and Rome marathons as well as the Big Five Marathon at Entabeni Game Reserve in South Africa, hence making Antarctica her sixth continent. Due to work commitments over the past 3 years, Richelle has had to train in the smog and heat of Jakarta and Suva and certainly found Antarctica to be a little different.

Jason Wolfe (USA)

A mountaineer and triathlete who has also competes in marathons. Prior to the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Jason ran the Austin Marathon and the Chicago Marathon (twice) as well as various half-marathons. The 33-year-old climbed Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica, prior to winning the 2009 Antarctic Ice Marathon.